The List of What Disease Does Asbestos Cause is?

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What Disease Does Asbestos Cause – Asbestos exposure can be the cause of some serious and deadly diseases. Even, it triggers rare disease such as mesothelioma cancer. There is an only small case of mesothelioma cancer and it is how rare is mesothelioma but still, it is a deadly disease. Here, we will discuss more what disease does asbestos cause.

The List of What Disease Does Asbestos Cause
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It is stated that asbestos is able to cause mesothelioma cancer. 70% of cancer cases are considered as mesothelioma cancer. Even, this cancer causes the death of 3.000 people annually in the U.S.

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It is known as mesothelioma cancer because the cancer cells grow in the mesothelium or the thin line which protects specific vital parts such as lungs and heart. Commonly, mesothelioma cells grow in the lungs, heart, stomach, and testicle.


Cancer is not the only thing listed in what disease does asbestos cause. There is also another serious disease known as asbestosis. From the name, you know that this disease is caused by asbestos. People with asbestosis have a problem with their lung tissue.

In a long period of time, it disturbs the performance of your lungs. As the result, you will have a problem to breathe and uncomfortable around the chest. Don’t underestimate this disease because asbestosis was the caused of the dead of 1.400 people in the United States in 2000 and 2007.  

Pleural Effusions

Another serious disease caused by asbestos is pleural effusions. This disease happens in the pleural layers in which the layers are covered by fluid. This disease is not only caused by asbestos but one of the causes is this material.

It might be not as dangerous as the previous diseases but still, it makes you uncomfortable. Because your pleural layers are covered by fluid, it means that you will have a problem with your lungs and breath.

Pleural Plaque

This is also a disease caused by asbestos exposure. The asbestos triggers lung thickness and it makes pain anytime you breathe. Just like pleural effusion, the pleural plaque is not a life-threatening disease but it makes you uncomfortable, especially anytime you breathe.

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One of the solutions is by removing the plaque. Although it is not a life-threatening disease you have to treat it right away before it transforms into the invasive malignant disease.  

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