Symptoms of Mesothelioma Lung Cancer and other Things to know

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Symptoms of mesothelioma lung cancer – This article will discuss the symptoms of mesothelioma lung cancer as well as several things you might to know regarding the disease, including the difference between mesothelioma and lung cancer. Although the two diseases look similar, they actually are two distinctive pulmonary diseases that may cost a life if left untreated. If you wish to know more, then, you will have to read this article to the end since you will find everything here.

Symptoms of Mesothelioma Lung Cancer and other Things to know

What is   

Now, we are going to discuss the disease. Actually, mesothelioma is a form of cancer that attacks your lungs. More precisely, it attacks the cells that line the sacs located in the chest (or known as pleura). Or, on uncommon occasions, it attacks the abdomen of your body.

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This kind of cancer is actually very rare and not many people suffer from it nowadays- although you still need to be aware of it. Although rare, the disease is very aggressive and it is extremely deadly. Even worse, although treatment for this cancer is available, many people who suffer from symptoms of mesothelioma lung cancer can’t actually be cured.

The cause

Right now, we are going to discuss what mesothelioma is and the cause of the disease. But first, do you know when was asbestos used? Although the material has been mined since the dawn of our civilization, it actually started to be mined on a large scale during the late 19th century.

It was dubbed as a magical material due to its outstanding properties; it can absorb sound perfectly, has decent tensile strength, it resists fire, and it was (and still is) cheap as well. Due to its excellent properties, it was used extensively as a material for insulating electrical instruments and houses. It was used massive until the late 20th century.

Well, with all of the descriptions and explanations above, what does asbestos have to do with symptoms of mesothelioma lung cancer? Actually, mentioning asbestos is very important when we are talking about it since it is a disease caused by asbestos! You know, it was mined heavily and was used as various purposes.

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However, people began to notice a strange thing, which was the huge number of people who started to develop sickness and all of them suffer from the same kind of pulmonary disease, which was lung cancer asbestos mesothelioma.

So, how is mesothelioma caused? Well, of course, you have figured out that at the end of the story, people found out that asbestos is not exactly the wonderful material that they used to believe and they decided to ditch it altogether.

Before that, people who work or live under or near asbestos-based materials often accidentally breathed the microscopic shards of asbestos into their lungs and after a few years, they started to develop cancer.

The signs and symptoms

This part of the article will discuss the symptoms of the disease. So, do I have mesothelioma? In order to answer that question, then, you will need to figure out the first signs of mesothelioma. Depending on the types, the symptoms might vary.

On pleural mesothelioma, the signs are a painful feeling around the chest, coughing that is painful, your breath becomes short, the presence of unusual tissues under the skin around the chest, and weight loss that is unexplainable. On peritoneal mesothelioma, you also feel pain but it is located around your abdomen, your abdomen swells, feeling of nausea, and also, weight loss that is unexplainable as well.

Late signs

A2 Symptoms of Mesothelioma Lung Cancer and other Things to know

Indeed, the symptoms of mesothelioma lung cancer are utterly dangerous to our health since they cue the true nature of the disease. However, if cancer manages to proceed to the last stages of mesothelioma, there are several symptoms that you should know. If left unattended, patients could be unable to be saved. By the way, the later stages of this disease are type 3 and type 4.

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Type 3 and type 4 mesothelioma have symptoms that you should be cautious of. Usually, they share some of the symptoms that earlier stages have, such as difficulty in breathing, pain around the chest, and coughing. However, there are several additional signs that may occur. The symptoms are:

•    fever and sweats during the nights,

•    dyspnea (breathing becomes short),

•    painful when breathing,

•    feel of fatigue,

•    anemia,

•    pain in the chest that just would not go away,

•    coughing almost all the time,

•    hemoptysis (blood when coughing),

•    dysphagia (difficult when swallowing), and

•    a build-up of fluids inside the lungs.

If a patient suffers from these later stages, then, he/she must receive treatment which involves medicines to reduce pain as well as discomfort which are caused by the symptoms mentioned above.

When pleural effusions happen, the doctor may choose to take the fluid away from the patient’s lungs. The reason why the fluids have to be drained is to make the patient have a better and convenient way of breathing.

Mesothelioma vs. lung cancer

Well, both mesothelioma and lung cancer are pretty similar upon first glance. However, when we take a closer and more experienced look, they are actually pretty different, especially on the causes of them.

As you have already known, the first one is exclusively caused by respiring the particles of asbestos in the air. Meanwhile, lung cancer has a lot of causes- albeit the common one is caused by smoking cigarettes too often.

Besides, the latency period of mesothelioma is averagely about 40 years but there are some patients who present later years. On the contrary, most people who suffer from lung disease contract it at about ten to thirty years after he/she starts consuming cigarette. 

The effects of lung cancer are numerous, but the most severe ones are metastasis or a condition where the cancer cell has managed to find a way to spread into other parts of the body of the patients.

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The other difference between the diseases is the number of people who suffer from them. We all know that lung cancer has so many people who suffer from it due to the high number of both active and passive smokers around the country.

Meanwhile, mesothelioma is a rare disease nowadays since the government has managed to eliminate almost all materials which are made of asbestos. Well, those are the symptoms of mesothelioma lung cancer!

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