Is Mesothelioma Always Fatal and Factors That can Affect It

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Is mesothelioma always fatal – If you ask is mesothelioma always fatal, the answer is depending on the treatment, habit, and how early the disease is diagnosed. The fatality and survivability rate of the disease will increase as long as you get the right treatment. You should also know the types of mesothelioma and the cell types to receive the proper treatment. How rare is mesothelioma will be depending on the amount of asbestos level on the area?

Is Mesothelioma Always Fatal and Factors That can Affect It

Age of the affected

Once affected by the mesothelioma, no matter what type the mesothelioma is, your age will affect greatly to the survivability rate. This is because several studies have shown that the younger the person is, the better the condition of the organs.

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When the organs are healthy, then the survivability rate when mesothelioma affects the person will be higher, compared to the older people with less healthy organs. Therefore, the importance of having a healthy lifestyle since a young age will help to improve the survivability when mesothelioma invaded your body.

The location of mesothelioma

The location of mesothelioma or cancer will greatly affect the survivability rate. Mesothelioma is classified into three types based on the location. They are the pleural, the peritoneal, as well as the pericardial mesothelioma. Being the most common, pleural mesothelioma has a lower survivability rate compared to the peritoneal one but the peritoneal is rarer than the pleural.

The pericardial one is the rarest type of mesothelioma and the lowest survivability rate among the three. Around 80 percent of mesothelioma is located in pleural, 20 percent in peroneal, and less than 1 percent in pericardial.

Smoking can decrease the survivability rate

Although smoking is relatively close as the cause of cancer, it has no causative effect on any mesothelioma type. Although there is no relation, smoking can decrease the survivability rate, especially if a person is already affected by mesothelioma.

Depending on how rare mesothelioma is, smoking habit could increase the chance of complication and decrease the life expectancy at the same time. The habit could also affect the treatment, therefore you should consider stopping smoking.

The overall health of the patient

When a person lives generally a healthy life with few health issues during his/her lifespan, then it will greatly affect the survivability rate and the fatality of mesothelioma. Health issues such as diabetes and high blood pressure can affect the rate of survivability when a person is affected by mesothelioma.

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This is because other health issues might affect mesothelioma treatment and limit the option of medication and treatment to cure mesothelioma. Therefore, the answer is mesothelioma always fatal is depending on the person itself.

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