How Many People Have Mesothelioma Around The World

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How many people have mesothelioma – Mesothelioma is a type of cancer caused by exposure toward asbestos. The common cases of this disease show that the body organ affected by the asbestos is the pleural membrane. The question is how many people have mesothelioma.

How Many People Have Mesothelioma Around The World
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Incidence rate per 100,000 people, age-adjusted to the 2000 U.S Std Population.

The number of people affected by this disease is varied across the world. Here are several countries with various risk levels of being affected by the disease.

Countries with high risk

The first country with one of the highest rates of asbestos exposure and mesothelioma is the UK. The disease has been found in the country since around 1968 and the annual number of the affected are substantially increasing.

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In 1968, the number of people with the disease is 153. As time goes on, in 2010, the number increased progressively it reaches 2,360. During the decade between 2000 and 2010, the age-standardized incidence rates or ASIR in the country were around 3.3-3.6 per 100,000 people on man and 0.5-0.7 for women.

Another country with high mesothelioma risk is Australia where the number of people affected with the disease is around 156 in 1982 and it is already increasing to 666 in 2009. The ASIR number for men is 3.2/100.000 people while the women are around 0.7.

Countries with Intermediate risk

With the local Cancer Registry that started around 1943, Denmark already made a progress in tackling mesothelioma issues. The ASIR for men is steadily increasing between the time of 1943 to 2009. The rate of men affected by the disease reached its peak during the 2008-2009 period with 1.76 per 100.000 people while the women have stable mean ASIR with 0.5 during the period of 1973 to 1977.  But, there is always a chance for the number to be increased.

Taken the disease seriously starting around 2003, the number of affected people in The US is around 3000 in the time span of 2003 to 2008. With the mean ASIR of 1.93 per 100.000 in men and 0.41 in women, the US is probably one of the high-risk countries considering the number of affected people in a short time.

Countries with Low risk

Estonia is one of the countries with low mesothelioma risk. Between the period of 1968 to 2004, there are 89 men and 26 women affected with the disease. During 2003 to 2007, there are 21 cases where the mean ASIR for the men is 0.3 per 100.000 people while the women are around 0.1. 

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Japan is also among the countries with low mesothelioma risk. If you ask how many people have mesothelioma, there are around 1,400 cases found in 2012 in men and 272 cases for women in 2012. This also shows that how rare is mesothelioma in some countries.

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