How is Mesothelioma Caused, First Symptoms, and the Treatments

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How is mesothelioma caused – Mesothelioma is not happening once and the process takes a few years before becoming cancer. Before that, it is better to learn how is mesothelioma caused and the process so you know how to handle this disease earlier.

How is Mesothelioma Caused, First Symptoms, and the Treatments
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The Causes of Mesothelioma

The main cause of mesothelioma is asbestos. So, how is mesothelioma caused? In this case, a person who works close to asbestos will inhale a variety of compounds including asbestos. When you are inhaling asbestos and you don’t realize it, the microscopic asbestos fiber lodges in the pleura.

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It means there is something stuck in the lining of your lungs. Without any specific medical treatment, the microscopic asbestos triggers genetic change and creates cancer cells. The growth of the cancer cells depends on the level of asbestos exposure you get. The larger the level of asbestos in your pleura, the growth of cancer will be fast.  

First Symptoms of Mesothelioma

The problem is that sometimes you don’t realize that there is something in your pleura. The process from the lodge in the lining of your lungs takes a few years such as 20 to 25 years and it depends on your health condition. Commonly, you don’t know that you are suffered from the first symptoms of mesothelioma lung cancer because the symptoms are similar to other diseases.

The symptom might be beginning with a sudden fever attack with excessive sweating. If it is not, you also don’t realize that you lose your weight significantly even if you have eaten in the right portion or diet program. Before that, it seems that you lose your appetite drastically so you only eat a very small portion and you feel full.

The other common symptoms that you might not realize as the signs of mesothelioma lung cancer are fatigue, cough, or swelling around the face and arms. In the next level, you feel pain in the chest and the lower back followed by a difficulty to swallow and breathe. 

What You Have To Do

The most important thing to do is going to the doctor as soon as possible by the time you feel the symptoms above, especially you are working close to asbestos. Let the doctor check your real condition and you have to remain calm.

If you are detected as a person with mesothelioma lung cancer, the doctor will suggest several treatments. Those treatments are including surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy. The type of medical treatment you take depends on the condition of the mesothelioma. 

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Now, you know how mesothelioma caused, the first symptoms, and the type of medical treatment you take to overcome the disease. Just be careful if you are working with asbestos and make sure that you are wearing protection tools. Don’t forget to go to the doctor for a regular medical checkup.

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