How do you get mesothelioma cancers? Do You Know?

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How do you get mesothelioma? The disease is a kind of cancers that affect the membranes that cover the lungs, heart, and abdominal cavity. So, although it is also known as lung cancer, the cancer cells are basically not exactly located in the lungs.

How do you get mesothelioma cancers? Do You Know?

Although the cases of the disease quite rare, there are around 3,000 patients are diagnosed with this disease in the US. The majority of the patients have been radiated by the asbestos dust, a kind of substances related to certain jobs.

Asbestos is a material that is made up of 6 (six) elements/minerals that formed naturally, which overall has the natural properties of the same asbestos that is has a length (approximately 1:20 the aspect ratio), is the Crystal have thin fibre, each fiber is composed of fibers of which there are millions of microscopic organisms.

To-six elements/minerals crocidolite, actinolite that was, chrysotile, tremolite, amosite, anthophyllite and. These elements can be parsed using the process of abrasion and more. In the history of asbestos has been mined at 4000 years began, and the end of the 19th-century mining started in a big way.

By reason of the properties owned by the asbestos so much he used the material in everyday life especially in the field of building construction, the properties at low prices, the strength of attraction on average, absorbs with good sound, resistant to heat, resistant to fire, an electrical resistant strains.

The use of asbestos because of its fireproof and heat resistant is to mix cement or knitted into a mat or cloth. Whereas in the electricity then the asbestos used as electrical insulation for electrical wires. With properties owned by the asbestos was used extensively until the end of the 20th century.

How can asbestos cause cancer?

In particular industries, mainly the constructions, asbestos are considered using as the main materials for some benefits it gives. It has some characteristics including being heat and fire resistant. However, the molecules that tend to be solid and sharp are dangerous for human health.

Peritoneal Mesothelioma when asbestos fibers inhaled by humans and then ingested became coughing and then into the stomach.

On most people could have been affected by radiation from the asbestos fibers are carried away by the wind through on very light levels. That comes from dust, soil, or rock containing asbestos while stone has the possibility of asbestos content higher. Even the aerial and in the water supply can also asbestos was found.

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Moreover, asbestos may produce dust that can be simply inhaled when people are just in the area. When it is accumulated, it may damage pleura or a membrane that covers the lungs. Later, the wound is inflamed and cancer cells can just simply appear and grow up. This is how mesothelioma occurs anyway.

Pleural mesothelioma or the mesothelioma occurred in the lung membrane is the most common case to find around. However, there are some other types; peritoneal, pericardial, and testicular or vaginal mesotheliomas.

In peritoneal mesothelioma, the asbestos dust is accumulated in the peritoneum or the abdominal membrane. In general, the disease is caused by patients who eat foods that have been radiated by the asbestos dust. The foods are eventually eaten and cancer grows up.

Meanwhile, pericardial mesothelioma refers to the mesothelioma that affects the pericardium of the membrane that covers the heart. This type is commonly a continuation of the pleural mesothelioma. In other words, the patients of pericardial mesothelioma may have the same problems in their pleura.

Lastly, there is the testicular and vaginal mesothelioma a kind of cancers that affect the genital areas of male and female respectively. For this last type, it is quite rare and not known yet how the asbestos dust can affect the patients’ sex organs.

What are the working fields with the highest risk of the disease?

Sure, it means that any job dealing with asbestos dust risks the workers to have this disease. Those working fields are including construction, fabric with asbestos as a material, military ship, and mining. Aside from asbestos, the radiation of zeolite is suspected to give the same effects although further research has not been conducted yet.

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Despite the workers, if you are living in the construction or mining areas, there are also risks for this disease. The symptoms itself can only be detected after more than 10 years even if you are not near to the asbestos area anymore.


Due to the danger, many governments have published regulations related to asbestos uses. Some of them may ask the industries to only reduce the use while some others even completely stop it. Sure, the treatment for mesothelioma cancer is indeed really difficult and expensive. So, it is much better to prevent it since the beginning.

Banning the use of asbestos has been imposed in 50 countries including Canada, UK, Australia and in countries of the European Union as much as 28 countries.

But the opposite happened instead to tighten its use in u.s. import activity thus continued to do. The U.S. Geological Survey reported, as many as 750 metric tons of asbestos were imported during the year 2018. Even using them in consumer products continued to rise, though less than 1%.

Though on sat we now know that the main cause of lung cancer, respiratory diseases and especially mesothelioma caused by asbestos. And most people know that asbestos has been banned its use in the U.S. after the year 1970, but the fact that that was otherwise as reported by the U.S. Geological Survey.

Government institutions after the year 1970 were established whose purpose is to limit the occurrence of exposure of asbestos material, toxic materials, and other dangers. Among them (OSHA) occupational health and Safety Administration and (EPA) u.s. environmental protection agency.

Efforts in banning the use of asbestos in the US

In 1960, Irving j. Selikoff exclusive in annotating the relationship between asbestos with other diseases, including mesothelioma and lung cancer. And give evidence supporting his efforts politically in the US to suppress the use of large-scale asbestos into the industrialized world.

Even (NIOSH) National Institute for occupational safety and health Work in 1980 made a statement that it has been proven that Asbestos resulted in exposure that causes the disease is very dangerous and there is no disease that is lighter in addition.

The legislation governing the use of asbestos has been enacted, have been issued during the years 1970-1980

The Clean Air Act of 1970, authorized the EPA in setting as well as the disposal of asbestos and grouped asbestos in air pollutants are very dangerous. and banning the use of asbestos-based spray and its derivatives.

(TSCA) The Toxic Substances Control Act that the EPA was given authority in order to control the restriction of the use of chemicals, including radon, lead-based paint, and asbestos.

(AHERA) The Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act of 1986, the EPA issued a decision to set standards and eliminate the use of asbestos in the school.

The EPA in 1989, issued the Asbestos Ban and Phase-Out Rule (ABPR). and make a plan for the implementation of the ban in full against asbestos including processing, manufacture, sale, and import of all products containing asbestos.

The reason that will lose their jobs and the economic consequences of a poorly leveled by critics and asbestos factory and critics add that surely would lead to death by the regulation itself. Expected ABPR will is the best effort as a rule banning the use of asbestos. But in fact only short-lived.

On October 18, 1991, a decision issued by the Court of Appeals Fifth Circuit unplugs or metatalk restrictions. because it is considered the EPA could not demonstrate that a ban is not an alternative decision that incriminating at least in terms of setting the use of asbestos in the United States.

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The EPA did not appeal the decision, the court quickly clarified that the ban does not apply to asbestos in the production process, in the processor being imported on ambient July 1989 when the EPA gave the announcement of the ABPR.

The EPA mentions 6 belonging to the Group of products that contain asbestos include:
Flooring felt
Commercial paper
Corrugated paper
Specialty paper
New uses of asbestos
Asbestos groups and 6 sprays above banned in the US.

Whereas the use of asbestos outside the above group 6 is allowed as the roof of asbestos, fireproof Suits, gaskets and brake shoes.

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