Does anyone survive mesothelioma? These are True Stories

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Does anyone survive mesothelioma? This question has been frightening not only the patients but also their family. Ever since they are diagnosed officially by the doctor that they got this cancer, it’s better to find out information as much as possible. The survival rates may just show the subtle fact that the disease is hardly ever cured.

Does anyone survive mesothelioma? These are True Stories

In other cancer types have generally 5-year statistic to be categorized as survival, mesothelioma survival rates often between one year and three-year statistics. There are many factors can affect the survival rates. If you understand these factors, you will have a better picture of your own prognosis.

In this article will answer these questions “Does anyone survive mesothelioma?” and some of the true story of the sufferers.

1.      Gender and Age

Just like other cancer, age and gender are also giving impact on survival rates. Commonly, patients who are younger show a better survival rate at 5-year long. Meanwhile, women often have higher survival rates compared to men. Men are found to be exposed by asbestos in the long term since they are more likely to have this kind of occupations.

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According to Mesothelioma researcher and specialist, the difference is affected by the overall health since older sufferer has a bigger chance of owning other diseases that complicate their conditions. This factor reduces their ability to withstand the treatment.

2.      The Cancer Stage

The earlier you can detect the mesothelioma; the better chance you can improve the prognosis. If you are a patient who is diagnosed with stage 1 or 2, treatment through surgical resection or other kinds of aggressive measurements has a higher possibility to be cured since the cancer cells are still localized.

However, mesothelioma with stage 3 or 4 is detected with cancer has been likely spread throughout the body. Therefore, these stages are harder to target and cure.

3.      Additional Factors

Besides the two factors which have been explained previously, other factors can affect the survival rates including cancer cells location, the cells type, genetic, lifestyle, blood counts, and overall health.

The improvement of diagnostic tools and treatments absolutely help to lengthen the life expectancy and enhance the survival rate. These also contribute some benefits to long term survivor. But, you should also keep in mind that general outlook on survival rates can be different for each individual. So, Does anyone survive mesothelioma , continue to read the following.

1.      Mavis Nye

By undergoing the clinical trial which uses the new immunotherapy drugs, Mavis is able to lengthen the 3-month she got regarding life expectancy. After successful with Keytruda therapy, she continues her life by advocating asbestos awareness – the only element of what causes mesothelioma cancer. She also helps those who have been diagnosed positively by creating Mavis Nye Foundation.

2.      Heather Von St. James

Heather chose to undergo aggressive surgery in order to remove the cancer cells. She challenged her disease and is able to prolong the 15-month prognosis. As one of mesothelioma survivor, she uses her experience to establish hope and advocate a full ban on asbestos.

3.      Paul Cowley

Paul should accept the fact that he has the malignant pleural diagnosis on mesothelioma. His prognosis is defined within 12 to 24 months. He then fought the disease through a couple of aggressive surgeries which were done in the six-month period.

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The surgeries were intended to remove the cancer cells and surrounding tissues which had been affected. After success in his surgery therapies, he and his family try to educate people about the dangers of asbestos exposure.

The true story of some sufferers above that to answer it “Does anyone survive mesothelioma? ” In addition to the above 3 factors are still other factors that as important. This all depends on the efforts of sufferers and his desire to heal. Hope this can provide motivation to other sufferers are currently undergoing attempts to cure.

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